What Value Is There In Hiring A Lawyer For My Uncontested Divorce Application?

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In an uncontested divorce application, you and your spouse have agreed to all the terms of the divorce. You may decide to proceed with the uncontested divorce application by yourselves, without hiring a lawyer.

There is value in hiring a lawyer even in an uncontested divorce application.

A lawyer can advise you on whether you can and should ask for maintenance, or if your spouse‚Äôs proposal for the division of matrimonial assets is reasonable in the context of the specific facts of your marriage. Further, a lawyer can advise you if you should accede to the terms for custody, care and control, and access to the children of the marriage that your spouse is asking for.

There have been many people who have tried to apply for their uncontested divorce application by themselves. They usually waste days of precious annual leave struggling with the legal procedure, before giving up and hiring a lawyer to complete the paperwork for them.

The market for uncontested divorce is becoming increasingly commoditized with lawyers offering fixed fee packages for uncontested divorce at reasonable fees of below S$1,500.

You should consider if it is worth engaging a lawyer to guide you through the divorce process, or if you want to risk wasting days of your precious annual leave navigating confusing legal procedures with no guarantee that you can complete the divorce application successfully by yourself.

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